Supervision of Paradise

The project Supervision of Paradise is mapping the Spanish tourist destination of Costa Blanca, that seems to turn by intensive growth of residential tourism (for leisure- and 3rd age domiciles), into Europes first address for second-home residencies. Real-estate business contributes to an enormous economical growth attracting both financial capital as well as labour forces.

A multitude of new protagonists is being translated into scenarios of contradiction. The alterations, displacements and reversals of belonging imagine and present in real time Europe as a potential interface of the transitory. Main emphasis of the work lies in shaping new visibilities and drop-outs of social structures (on the spot) reflecting local and translocal dynamics in situations of everyday life. The project is revolving around the idea of a scenic topography of the area; video essays, photographs and texts are being interwoven and form a growing collection.

Supervision of paradise

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